Hi! I’m Rae Farine, a fine artist currently based in Brooklyn, NY. Through the use of my entire body, I create energetic, bold, colorful paintings that aid me in somatic healing. By dancing, remaining present, and letting go of any need for control, my art practice has become a much-needed respite from life’s stressors and traumas. I blast music, throw on a plastic rain suit, roll around in paint and glitter, and use various tools to express my emotions. (And get in touch with my inner child, of course!)
I’ve been creating since I was child, and even went to art school to study sculpture, but in late 2020, during a very bleak time in my life, I finally chose to start The Artist’s Way. It completely changed my outlook on art-making and life in general.
I have since worked through its steps four times and each time reveals something new about how I’m living my life and engaging with the world. That first time through it, though, was especially important. It reconnected me with my love for painting that I had long ago abandoned. I found true joy in life for the first time. No matter how dark a day gets, if I paint, I feel held by something greater than me. I consider myself to be incredibly lucky to love and trust something so deeply in my lifetime.
Do you do commissions?
Of course! Feel free to reach out.
Can we collaborate?
Maybe! I'm interested in doing more collaborating, so feel free to tell me your idea and we can go from there. Murals, album artwork, events, live performances, paintings, drawings, collages... I'm pretty open-minded!
Can I purchase original paintings?
Of course! Please reach out for pricing information.